"IC" - in character, anything pertaining to your in-game character or who you are portraying while you role play. This also relates to certain chats in-game such as /twt, /anontwt, etc.

"Metagaming" - using out of character information to your in character advantage (such as being in Discord with a friend and telling them stuff and not actually having some sort of device or object to represent how you can talk to them in-game).

"OOC" - out of character, meaning anything not related to who you are roleplaying in-game (basically anything in real life/out of game is considered OOC).

"RDM" - random deathmatch, essentially killing someone with no (or very little) role play surrounding the situation.

"Powergaming" - using unrealistic actions to benefit yourself in a roleplay situation, or not giving another person the chance to roleplay properly.

Note: You are not allowed to mug, kill or attack the National Health Service while they’re on duty. They are passive players and can not be harmed since their primary objective is to give medical attention to the population.

"VDM" - vehicle deathmatch, essentially using your vehicle as a weapon in an attempt to injure or kill another player. This would also include smashing into other vehicles at high speed for no reason and choosing not to roleplay it out.

"Value of Life" - this is roleplay, you’re not hard in real life so don’t try and be hard here. You’re not going to punch someone in their face if they have a gun in your face. Act as if you would in real life, not how superman would.

"Racism" - any form of racism in the voice/text chat on the server is not allowed. This simply results in a permanent ban from all our server’s platforms.

"Whitelisted Job Cooldown" - if you are a part of a whitelisted job such as the MET, LFB, NHS, Kwik Fit, etc, then decide to leave or get removed, you must wait a total of one (1) week before applying for another whitelisted job.

"Cop Baiting" -  intentionally bothering/harassing law enforcement in order to cause trouble/get chased. The police aren’t here to babysit you, don’t annoy or harass them. This also includes Intentionally Ramming police cars you will be instantly put in jail for 2 hours without questioning (for example; ramming police cars in a chase when you are not involved in the chase and are not the person being chased yourself).

"Roleplay Fear" -  you need to roleplay fear instead of going around acting like a god. You’re human and you can die, act like it.|

NOTE: if police are around, you won’t be pulling out a firearm or other weapons trying to rob/take someone hostage. Just because you see only one Police Officer doesn’t mean there is only one. They have a radio with plenty of personnel at their disposal simply by hitting a button. Failure to fear the police will result in punishment, you aren’t the Godfather, stop acting like you’re untouchable.

"Common Courtesy" - this rule is in place to ensure everyone has a safe and fun experience on our server. This rule is intended to mean that you should treat others how you would want to be treated. This means no bullying, personal attacking, etc. This shouldn’t be a toxic place to players in an Out of Character sense, everyone should be welcome.

NOTE: This rule especially applies to your attitude towards our staff. They are not here to be walked over by you, you can and will be punished for giving attitude or simply being unpleasant towards them when they are here to help you.

"Exploitation" -  using any form of in-game exploit to benefit yourself on the server (abusing the scripts in a sense), examples can be seen as using an emote to break through a wall or using a fire extinguisher to start a robbery.

"Fail Roleplay" -  a broad term and can encompass many different meanings but generally speaking when a player does something which in the real world would be generally unthinkable to the majority of people. This includes talking while dead.

"GTA Driving" -  driving off-road in a vehicle not meant to be off-road, going up hills, hitting jumps. Generally just driving unrealistically for the car/vehicle you’re in at the time.

"Prison Breaks" -  if you want to roleplay breaking out of prison then it has to be in-game with a car and it can not be done by killing yourself and respawning. If caught killing yourself in any way inside of the prison, it will be met with a week's ban (or in certain cases, worse).

NOTE: in order to do a prison break, there must be at least six (6) members of the Metropolitan Police Service on duty in order to start this roleplay scenario.

"Keep it Clean" -  this is the rule regarding any non-child friendly words/phrases being used in the chat platforms in our community such as in-game voice, in-game chat, or our Discord platform. This is to keep the chat relatively clean for users who are under the age of 18. For example, if you are doing sexual roleplay then you must keep the roleplay as clean (or do it in private) as possible for those around you so that you can try and not offend others with your roleplay scenes.

"Paycheck Farming" -  this is where you intentionally go away from the keyboard (AFK) to not play the server and just farm your paychecks. You need to earn the money, not just sit around and get it..

"Water Dumping" -  this is considered taking a body you’ve killed by carrying it and dropping it in the water. This is not allowed, the only type of body disposal you are allowed to do is random locations but not within the water so they are unable to be retrieved.

"Whitelisted Vehicles" -  vehicles for the Metropolitan Police are unable to be robbed randomly within the city. In order to steal a police vehicle, it must be done within roleplay and during a scenario. Other whitelisted job vehicles (such as NHS and Kwik Fit) are still off limits and unable to be stolen regardless of being within roleplay or not.

"Hostage Rules" -  if you decide to take a hostage for any kind of robbery then this person can not be anyone you are in communication with or running around with. This makes the scene fair for everyone, including the police since if this person was a member of your crew or friend then the police would have to direct more resources to handle you and then the hostage who may or may not be a part of the robbery and have materials from said robbery on them.

NOTE: when you take someone hostage (/takehostage or /th), you are not able to drive a vehicle. Basic common sense, it’s not realistic to be driving while you’re holding someone. Roleplaying that you put them in the back seat or boot is a different story and is allowed in this case as long as it’s roleplayed properly.

NOTE: If a hostage has not been shown or introduced to the police on arrival then they have all the right to storm the building with lethal and non-lethal alternatives to attempt and subdue you for your crimes. In addition, if no present threat towards the hostage (i.e; gun to the head), moves can be made to intervene safely.

"Police Stop Roleplay" -  if you are in a chase with the police, it does not matter how long the chase has lasted or if the police have fired shots at your tires in attempts to immobilize the vehicle. You ARE NOT ALLOWED to get out of the car and instantly start firing rounds off at the police. You can exit the vehicle with weapons drawn, but just because the police are after you does not mean you can fire rounds off at them.

"Status of Firearms" -  every firearm is allowed to be taken by the police, we roleplay this as London. You are not going to be able to walk around with a firearm in the city of London without police intervention. Just because you have a firearms license does not equate you being able to carry the firearm on the streets, this merely means you can possess a firearm in your private property.

"GTA Punching" -  you are not allowed to click or “swing” your fists or a weapon at someone unless you are genuinely within 0.5 meters of the person, if you click while about five meters away, Grand Theft Auto will take over and launch you towards the target despite not being near them. This is not an acceptable form of combat on the server and is just genuinely unfair to everyone else. This rule also covers the spam punching in the game, it’s not allowed.

"Killing Law Enforcement" -  killing police (the MET) is allowed, however, it does need to be done in a roleplay manner. For example, if you are told to kill the police within your external knowledge you must identify what the outcome will be to the police officer. Before you do kill the police officer, proper roleplay must be involved, such as something like “stop or you'll be shot” or “hands up now” and if the police officer refuses to do so and you have him/her either at gunpoint, outnumbered or you are within 1 meter of them with a melee weapon you are able to kill that police officer.

"Robbery Rules" -  just because you have a firearm against someone’s head does not instantly give you the right to kill them during a robbery. If a person complies during a robbery then they may not be harmed, however, if they are non-compliant or put up a fight then they can be harmed. The same rules apply for police, robberies are not kill on sight zones, the only difference is that the police are able to fire the first shot.

NOTE: You cant be going off road when doing robbery rp this is for it to be fair on everyone as the police can not combat this.

NOTE: random robbing is not allowed, you must have a valid reason for robbing someone (them being lippy, etc). Refrain from robbing people out in public as it’s generally not realistic to rob people in broad daylight. Just use common sense when trying to rob someone, don’t do it in public around so many people, etc.

NOTE: two people minimum are required in a car for a robbery, if you do not comply with this rule then you will be warned and the robbery will be cancelled.

NOTE: You need at least two (2) people for a bank robbery, but no more than eight (8) people.


NOTE: You need at least two (2) people for a jewelry robbery, but no more than five (5) people.

NOTE: You need at least two (2) people for a shop robbery, but no more than five (5)  people.

NOTE: You choose between robbing someone without killing them OR killing someone without robbing someone this maximises the roleplay of robbing somebody

"Driving Suspension" -  if you have lost your driving license due to suspension and receive a driving ban then you ARE NOT allowed to change your character name and do your driving test again. This factors into fail roleplay and is not tolerated.

"Gang/Group Member Limit" -  due to the overpopulation of some groups in the past compared to legal players, we have added this rule to only allow twenty (20) members of a gang and/or group in the city at one point. This means, you can have no more than twenty (20) members of your gang in and around the city at one time. If one member leaves the city and you are only at nineteen then you can have an extra member come into the city.

"Stream Sniping" -  if you are caught using a player’s stream to track them or harm/rob them, you will be put in jail for 24 hours.

"Aim Assist" -  aim assist/aimbot in any sense is not allowed on our server, if you are caught doing this and someone clips it then you will be banned for a week with no chance to appeal. It’s not hard to tell who is using it and who isn’t.

"Driveby Shooting" -  the driver of any vehicle (including bikes) is not allowed to shoot from the vehicle unless the vehicle is at a COMPLETE stop, however, the passengers of a vehicle may shoot from the vehicle as long as the car is going thirty (30) miles per hour or slower.

"Broken Vehicles" -  if you are in a high speed collision with someone and crash your car into a building or any solid object that stops your vehicle from working you cannot do /repair and carry on driving or even get out of the car and run off due to the fact you will have some serious injuries. In the event that you crash your car into a solid object at excessive speeds over 150-200 even if the vehicle does not break down, you must stop and roleplay the situation. For example picture yourself driving a car at 200Mph and you crash head on into a stone wall or a building, there is a 99% chance that you are dead or seriously injured, this rule applies for ALL people and jobs on the server.

"Combat Logging" -  intentionally disconnecting or forcing yourself to time out from the server during combat is considered combat logging and is not allowed on the server.

"Donation Vehicles" -  you are not allowed to sell vehicles you’ve donated for, you can only straight swap them for another donation vehicle.

"Roleplay First, Report Later" -  if you feel as if someone has broken one of our rules during a role play situation, we advise you to role play it out and report later with evidence (screenshots, videos, etc). Staff will review the report and handle the issue and give any sort of compensation if required. This is a role play server, we don’t want staff constantly getting involved mid-scene.

"Line of Contact" -  the Line of Contact rule is in place to reduce the load on senior administration. This simply means that players should submit a ticket first instead of directly requesting/tagging a specific staff member. If it is deemed required, your ticket will be escalated to the appropriate person.

"Item Refunds" -  items (such as weapons, drugs, etc) will not be refunded unless the person requesting said refund has proof of them losing the item due to a rule breaker, hacker, etc. We will not refund items without video/picture evidence of the item being lost in the manners mentioned previously. We are not liable for your PC having issues or you being kicked due to your ping. All evidence should be uploaded to a third party site (Imgur, YouTube, Gyazo, Streamble) so a link to said evidence can be brought into your refund ticket.

NOTE: For items to be refunded, all evidence MUST be provided in the ticket in the form of a link or URL to it. We will not enter channels to screen share, we need the ticket to have the evidence logged for future inquiries by lead administration.

"Item Giveaway" -  item giveaways would be seen as you giving other players your items (money, drugs, weapons, etc) for free for whatever reason (leaving, taking a break, etc). This would ruin our economy and could easily turn into an unfair advantage for other players if someone else just gets X amount of items for free without doing anything. Please do not do this or it will be met with punishment and those who are given items will have them taken off of them immediately.

"Scamming" -  under no circumstances are you allowed to scam another person. This is strictly against server rules and you will be permanently banned from our community if caught scamming other community members.

"Green Zone Rules" -  you are not allowed to kill within a Green Zone, nor are you allowed to take people hostage or carry them to take them out and rob them. You are also not allowed to retreat to a green zone during an active roleplay scene to avoid the outcome or consequences.


All Green Zones will be monitored closely by staff and we exepct all players to do their part in ensuring the roles are followed within these zones. Any rules broken within these zones will result in a warning or ban from the community.


"Gang Joining" -  after some deliberation of the members of whitelisted gangs on the server we are now incorporating a time played on British Roleplay spent roleplaying in order to join a whitelisted gang for each gang/group, to a minimum of one (1) month time played on British Roleplay in order to join a whitelisted gang. This allows people to practice and improve their roleplay skills to then be ready for serious roleplay, also this allows players to earn their trust on our server to then be involved in the serious roleplay we have to offer.