Player ID - Paypal Number or Account Number

VDM - Vehicle Death Match. Using a vehicle to harm or kill another player.

RDM - Random Death Match. To kill another player without reason and roleplay.

Metagaming - When game information outside of what is available in a game is used to give a player an advantage in-game.

Controller - "I'm going to chance my steering wheel for my other one that has button controls"
Being in discord call - Wear an earpiece available from clothes shop this way you can cover yourself from metagaming when used correctly but doesnt make you exempt from it.

Restarting your game - "Just going to take a quick nap and ill be back"

Twitch streaming - Sky News broadcast

Passing Info from twitch stream chat - "Ive just looked at my sky news broadcast comments and ive been told ______ "

If someone asks where your camera is for Sky News Broadcast - Say its in the corner of your glasses or you where a secret bodycam.

Need to tab out? - If you need to tab out of the game please state "I need to go into my head a minute"

Need to talk about the owners/admin of the server? - Call these people the Government

Talking about Donations? - If you want to discuss donations please say you donated to the

government and if your talking about your car or guns then state they are "Government Issued"

Been asked to show ID or want to describe an action? - Use /me to do so for example An officer wants to see your driving license, you respond yes let me just get it for you, then you proceed to do /me hands officer driving licence.

Need to explain why your friend suddenly dissapeared due to game crash or disconnection? - Explain it as their Head exploded and they will be back soon.

Need to ask what button for a certain action is? - if you have been told to pay invoice or put your hands up etc and you dont know what button it is simply state "What muscle is that?" also if you need to tell someone how to do something just say "Flex your ___ Muscle"

Want to explain that your games visuals are bugged/glitched? - Explain to the other in the RP scene that your eyes are fucked up.

Is someones character bugged or teleporting around? - Simply tell them that there is a Spider on their foot and they should respond by jumping to resync the character.

Finished playing for the day/night? - Instead of saying your logging off, say your going to sleep.

Heard or recived X amount of months in jail/community service? - Months equal Minutes IRL time

Are you lagging and need to explain to others? - Explain that you have a headache and a nap will resolve it

Talking about the NPC's? - Call NPC's Locals

Server about to restart and want to mention in in roleplay? - State a Tsunami is about to happen.

What to show someone something in First Person View? - Tell them to look through their eyes.

Want to talk about your PC? - Call it your Brain

Talking about twitch chat? - Voices in your brain

Discussing Microphone/push to talk? - Refer to this as your/their voicebox

Left mouse button/right mouse button - Refer to these as right and left brain